Born:                        1977 in Riga, Latvia



2001 - 2003             Art Academy of Latvia, MA in painting

1997 - 2001             Art Academy of Latvia, BA in fashion design

1992 - 1997             Riga College of Design and Art


Work expierence:

2009 -                       Liepaja Design and Art high school, head of education program

2006 -                       Liepaja Design and Art high school, art educator

2003 - 2004             Latvijas Koncerti, artist

1998 - 2002             Latvian National Opera, mime


Publications: Fashion journalist and stylist        

2004 - 2009              Magazine Impulss

2004 - 2005              Internet portal Apollo

2002 - 2003              Magazine Una

2002 - 2006              Newspaper Diena


Solo exhibitions:


2018                         SAUCEEJAS, Liepaja Museum, Liepaja

2015                          Dali Ballet,Art Cafe Dali, Riga

2014                         The Secret Garden, Liepaja Museum, Liepaja

2014                         Ballet, UPB gallery, Liepaja


Author collections:

2001                          Rose ash

2000                          Sand Calendar

1999                          Summer Se[x]ason

1998                          For Girls

1997                          Blue Angel


Selected group exhibitions:

2014                           Installation On the Podium, Contemporary Art Action, Liepaja,

2013                           Liepaja Autumn exhibition, Liepaja Museum, Liepaja

2012                           Award for work Dash, Liepaja Autumn exhibition, Liepaja

2007                           Art of hope, life, love, Reitern house, Riga

                                    Liepaja Autumn exhibition, Liepaja Museum, Liepaja

2006                           Award for work The River, Liepaja Autumn exhibition, Liepaja

2004                           Fumi Cotti wine labels exhibition, Ripe San Ginesio, Italy

2003                            Diploma work exhibiton in Wagner Hall, triptych All is One, Riga

2002                            Art object Peldvāle inPedvāle, Sabile

2002                            Participation in Zariņa Grand exhibiton in Bastejs, Riga

2002                            Wall painting Footprints in Latvian Television house, Riga

2001                            Alternative competition Ulmanis in our hearts, Art Academy of Latvia, Riga



Liepaja Museum

Private collections in Latvia, USA, Germany, Sweden, Danmark, Italy